Keynote Session: Different Americas − Creating a New Future, the Role of Primary Care  

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Featured Poster: Early Identification of Cerebral Palsy in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting Jennifer White, APRN and Christine Thorogood, MD Featured Poster: Mobile ECGs in Detection of Subclinical Atrial Fibrillation in High Risk Outpatient Populations Danelle Antelo, Justin Encienzo, Elijah Moothedan, and Riken Nathu   Featured Poster: Tracking Diabetes Preventative Care Services in a Rural Population Angelina Vascimini, PharmD    
A Heads-On Approach to Youth Vaping/Tobacco Use Kathy Nichols, MS, CTTS, CHES Fitness Mini-clinic Addresses Physical Wellness and Future Disease Risk among Children with Metabolic Disease and Obesity Heather Vincent, PhD and Angelina Bernier, MD Responding to COVID-19: Implementing a Telemedicine Program at a Student-Run Free Clinic Eliza Nguyen, MPH Implementation of Easy Breathing in Rural Primary Care Clinics David Fedele, PhD, ABPP Measuring Impact and Increase in Access from Pharmacist-Led Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services in a Rural Family Medicine Clinic Andrew Tenpas, PharmD and Christina DeRemer, PharmD Innovative Ways to Train for EHR Efficiency and Telehealth Christopher Scuderi, DO, Charles Haddad, MD, and Judella Haddad-Lacle, MD *pre-recorded lecture*
Implementation of a School-Based Telemedicine Program: A Partnership between the Alachua County School System and UF Pediatrics and Family Medicine Programs Melissa Fitzgerald, MD Molly Posa, MD Lindsay Thompson, MD, Danielle Nelson, MD, MPH, and Kim Nguyen, MD Creating and Implementing a Remote Case Management Program Sherice Stewart and Anushka Banerjee COVID-19 Stressors, Resilience, and Use of Telehealth: Patient and Provider Experiences Amber Gum, PhD, Lucy Guerra, MD, MPH, and Asa Oxner, MD Florida Clinics Collaborative – A Model for Connecting Student-Run Free Clinics Olgert Bardhi, MSc, Lauren Katzell, and Kartik Motwani Reframing Social Disposability: Using Photo Narratives for Humanities-Based Medical Education and Community Action Madeline Hooper and Lauren Linkowski  
Delivering Health Questionnaires Via Patient Portals: A Case Study from a General Pediatrics Clinic Oliver Nguyen and Lindsay Thompson, MD Implementation of the Huddle Process in the Transitional Care Clinic to Reduce 30 Day Readmissions Bashyam Iyengar, MD, MPH, Latoya Green, RN, Khadijah Fergiani, MD, and Shannon Plemons Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic through Community-Based Student Service Projects Olgert Bardhi, MSc and Kim Dunleavy, PT, PhD, OCS Fostering Community and Ambulatory Care Communication to Improve Medication Safety in a Rural Setting Angelina Vascimini, PharmD, Andrew Tenpas, PharmD, and Christina DeRemer, PharmD Pharmacists Increasing Access to Diabetes Supplies for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Primary Care Setting Kimberly Atkinson, PharmD and Katherine Vogel Anderson, PharmD Telehealth Innovation in 2020: Taking patients (and Staff) Virtual (and Remote) Ellen Guth, APRN and Carley Mullen
Reliability of Spot Check Transcutaneous Hemoglobin Measurements in Children in the Clinical Setting Shae Margulies, Maria Kelly, MD, and Molly Posa, MD Community-Based Dental Outreach Programs in Alachua County Olga Luaces, DMD, MPH Role of Occupational Therapy in Diabetes Management During Covid-19 through the Equal Access Clinic Network Brooke Abzug, Abbey Donofrio, Rachel Scarboro, and Rachel Stacy Identifying Barriers Associated with Low Public Health Insurance Enrollment among US- Born Children of Hispanic Immigrant Parents/Guardians Evelyn Obregon, MD and Lindsay Thompson, MD Pharmacists Interventions Using Bluetooth Technology and Telehealth to Improve Blood Pressure – A Pilot Study Wendy Updike, PharmD and Olivia Pane, PharmD Utilizing Telemedicine to Coordinate HIV Care in an Urban Community Reetu Grewal, MD, and Nipa Shah, MD